Behind the Scenes

While we usually only get to share our projects in the form of “after pictures,” there is so much that goes into every detail along the way -- from specification, to artisan-crafting, to art curation, to onsite installation, and everything in between! This page is where we will share some of the behind-the-scenes stories, videos and photographs of the work that we do.

Bounce Innovation Hub “Video”

Our biggest and baddest project to date was creating the interior design, art curation and custom furnishings for The Generator Co-Working Space at Bounce Innovation Hub. Early on in the project, as it was becoming apparent just how many locally-made things would be a part of the end result, the CEO of Bounce, Doug Weintraub, said to Karen one day, “You have to tell this story. What you are doing with the local artists here is an unprecedented thing. You should consider making a video of how it all came together.”

We loved that idea and decided to enlist local videographer Ilenia Pezzaniti to create it with us.

So for months, we gathered photos and video clips from our team’s phones, asked the artists who were a part of it to send us whatever they had, gathered photos and videos from the Bounce staff...anyone who had captured moments of the Bounce project along the way sent us things to include.

This is the end result. “The Making of The Generator Project,” as it were. We had the opportunity to show it to the attendees of the grand opening celebration in May of 2019, and now it lives here, for viewing whenever anyone would like to see it or share what the Northeast Ohio artists made for our city’s innovators and entrepreneurs with this project that included 79 different local artists and makers. 

We hope you enjoy it!

Video by Ilenia Pezzaniti

For more details on all of the artists and artisans that filled this 27,000-square-foot space with their work, check out our Art Directory pdf linked below.

Bounce Innovation Hub, photo by Shane Wynn.

Bounce Innovation Hub, photo by Shane Wynn.