Hazel Tree Design Studio is dedicated to providing high quality interior design, home decor, and custom picture framing to the people of Northeast Ohio.

We carry solid quality product lines for our interior design and picture framing customers.

For environmental and social reasons combined, we strive to source products from companies and individuals as near to our area as possible. 

In addition, all of the pieces for sale in our gallery/store are locally-made. Everyone whose work is offered here lives in Northeast Ohio.


Our Hazel Tree Team

Karen Starr


Co-Owner &



Co-Owner, Designer,
& Framer

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Design Project Manager

Steve Brightman


Guy Friday



Artist Liaison & Showroom Guru


Michael Marras's tree on the west side of the Hazel Tree studio.

Michael Marras's tree on the west side of the Hazel Tree studio.

The Hazel Tree Story

It all began with a dream.


One night, Karen Starr had a dream of a building with a tree mural painted on the side and the flash of a name, Hazel Tree Interiors. She awoke knowing that would be the name of the new business venture she and her husband, Jon Haidet, would soon be embarking on.

Quite a bit of mythology exists regarding hazel trees, likely due to their versatility and usefulness. The overwhelming thread through much of this lore is creativity, inspiration and good fortune. Dreaming of a hazel tree is said to predict success and wealth. Indeed, one source goes so far as to say it “allows you to be a catalyst or transformer, working though the promptings of intuition to bring ideas to the surface.”

Since Karen’s dream, the Hazel Tree vision has been one that has helped transform the artist community in the Akron area by creating a hub for collaboration, creativity and conversation about how design and life intersect. In this historic building — where memories of its original occupant, John P. Mazzola, echo Hazel Tree’s ethos of community, design and entrepreneurship — the past, present and future co-mingle and give rise to a vibrant space for creative thought.

In the months leading up to the July 2010 opening of Hazel Tree Design Studio, Starr and Haidet did their version of hanging out a shingle to the wider community. They tapped an old friend, New York artist and longtime friend of Starr, Kelly James Tighe, to paint a 60-foot tree mural on the east side of the building. The colorful image that now greets westward drivers on Market Street is a striking hazel tree with its roots entwined in human faces and ultimately depicts Starr and Haidet’s relationship with Greater Akron: organic, deeply connected and always beautiful.

The west side of the Hazel Tree Design studio building is equally dedicated to public art. In 2015, Akron native sculpture artist Michael W. Marras contacted Karen Starr about the possibility of collaborating on his latest project: the creation of a large public sculpture made entirely of recycled metal. This idea, of course, dovetailed with Hazel Tree’s core tenets of repurposing, community and innovative thought, so we enthusiastically agreed to be the home of Marras’ project. Completed in 2016, the result is an eye-catching 25-foot metal tree that looks entirely at home hugging the building’s west wall. Shimmering metal leaves and a patina-ed trunk beg the viewer to stop and take a closer look.

Whether we are helping artists find the best way to present their work, conferring with clients about locally sourced décor options or transforming civic spaces into artful hubs of interconnection, Hazel Tree’s design team is always crackling with new ideas. Contact them today to discuss your interior or exterior design project, to explore ways of preserving and presenting your art or heirlooms, or simply to join the community of artists and art lovers who see the beauty and value in our connections with each other.

Thanks for visiting the Hazel Tree Design Studio website! We look forward to working with you and exploring all the possibilities in your dreams of art and community.